What happened to Double Sided or Flip Mattresses?

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The Mattress Industry Exposed

A little over ten years ago when I was about 20 years old, I went to a mattress trade show with my dad in North Carolina. We were there to find new vendors, and visit current vendors for my family’s furniture store. However I’ll never forget one of the dirtiest, sleaziest, tricks that I have ever seen practiced in the industry.

We were inside the showroom of a very large mattress manufacturer whose name I will not mention (however I will say that the name started with an “S”). The Vice President of North American sales approached my father and I to try to get us to sell their brand in our stores. About ten minutes into the sales presentation I noticed that all the mattresses only had one side. In other words you couldn’t flip these mattresses.

I had never seen this before in all my years of growing up in the mattress world. So I asked the VP of North American sales about this and here’s what he said:

“I’m glad you asked because this part is genius! This year all the mattress folks and us got together and decided that the best way for us AND you [the retailer] to sell more mattresses is to make them one sided and to change the standard on warranties from 20 years to just 10. This way mattresses will last half as long and people will have to buy twice as many mattresses in their lifetime!”

I remember the tall, bald, typical executive-looking man smiling ear to ear. I simply responded with:


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Bringing double sided back

In April of 2014 when my brother and I moved to Silicon Valley from Connecticut to launch an online only, no-nonsense mattress brand (Layla) we both knew that one of the first things we were going to do was bring back the double sided mattress and that’s exactly what we did.

Today, laylasleep.com prides itself on selling one mattress with two sides. But we went one step further. We decided that since our company only sells one model, we created one side to be soft and the other side to be firm.

Customers love this because if one side is too soft for them all they have to do is flip the mattress over to the firm side.

And we’re happy to report that Americans are flipping mattresses again!

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