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Cooler heads prevail with the new Layla Pillow!

At Layla our primary goal is to provide you with a better night’s sleep. The Layla Mattress has been doing that consistently for our customers, so what’s next? The Layla Pillow!

Our pillow is a plush down alternative pillow that will have you drifting away into a blissful nights sleep in no time.

The Basics

  • Down alternative fiber
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Gel polyester fiber (not gel like memory foam)
  • Copper Infusion

Copper? Of course.

Layla PillowCopper infused in the foam of the Layla mattress has proven to help keep sleepers cooler than most memory foam mattresses on the market. So of course we had to include copper in the pillow. But since our pillow is a down alternative fill, how did we do it? We wove copper into the fabric of the pillow cover so when you’re sleeping on a Layla pillow, cooler heads will always prevail.

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The Layla Pillow is set to launch in October 2017.

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