Rails and Bed Frames

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Do you need a Bed Frame or Rails?
What’s the difference?

Growing up in our family’s furniture store it was very common for a customer to walk in and ask for bed rails. Now if a salesperson simply sold them exactly what they asked for then 7 out of 10 times the customer would have gotten something they didn’t want or need. That’s because most people don’t know the difference between bed rails and bed frames. Luckily, you’re about to find out.



Essentially, bed rails are just two bars that connect a headboard to a footboard. Rails are made in several variations. Some are made to be attached using bolts (these are called bolt-on rails) and some using hooks or hook-on rails. Hook-on rails are also available in single or double hook fashion. Which kind you need depends on your furniture as some Headboard/Footboard sets have holes for bolts, while others may have slots for hooks.

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Bed Frame - LaylaSleep.com

This is probably what your looking for since this is what most people mean when they say “bed rails.”

This is a bed frame. It can be used if you only have a Heaboard (and no footboard) or if you have nothing at all since its stands freely on its own legs. Some frames have attachments on the head only, some on both the head and the foot. Some frames are bolt-on, while others are single hook-on or double hook-on.

You can also purchase bed frames with support bars that run across the frame. In some cases frames with multiple support bars may be available.

A good frame with center support bars could cost anywhere between $60 – $150 depending on the quality.


If you have a bed that comes with a footboard, then you may need a set of Rails to connect your footboard with your headboard in order to hold up your mattress & boxspring.

However, if you only have a headboard, or nothing at all, go for the Bed Frame. It’s free standing and will raise your mattress & boxspring off of the floor.

Either way, when going with a frame or rails, remember that a boxspring (mattress foundation) is required. Otherwise your mattress will simply fall straight through. If you don’t like the idea of having a mattress foundation, then buy a platform bed, but be ready to spend a lot more.

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