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Layla Ranked #1 Best Mattress of 2017 by Sleep Cupid

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The Layla Mattress has been voted Best Mattress Overall in 2017 by Sleep Cupid. Thank you Sleep Cupid, we are truly honored.

“The Layla mattress has many features that make it stand out from its competitors, and the designers were clearly focused on innovation.”
-Sleep Cupid

Sleep Cupid also Says:

“Considering all that it has to offer, it isn’t surprising that customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive for this mattress. Whether it is because of the superior quality of foam used in its construction, or because of the copper inside of the comfort layers, people report that their chronic pain has diminished or disappeared altogether after using the mattress.”

“Many report that the mattress helps relieve pressure and that they sleep the whole night through without waking up. People have praised the mattress for relieving back pain, sciatica, arthritis, and the effects of other painful conditions.”

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